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in a murderopments decade a have a look ahead to today's ofring for the man convicted intern chandra >> we could see some tense during today's confirmation hearings for headdent obama's pick to cia. >> [indiscernible] >> giving new meaning to getting . bad rap how the judge responded to this
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rapping inmate. "good morning washington at starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's thursday, february 7. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. great to have you along. we have the weather to talk .bout let's get to jacqui jeras. kind of cold so far. >> it is a chilly out. the skies remained clear through night but it allowed the temperatures to drop. are filling in already at hour. it will shed up to be a cloudy day. decent, but the clouds temperatures a little, highs in the low 40's. a coastal storms on the way. is bringing the clouds now. a wintry mix expected by tonight. jane doe all rain by tomorrow -- changing to all rain. north,vers, up to the
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nor'easter. more details on that storm. temperatures in the twenties at this hour. your seven-day forecast is minutes away. let's go to traffic with jamee. >> easy start. news. in virginia, looks good on 395. let's take a look. not many cars out yet coming off the beltway passing landmark to street bridge into the nation's capital. ddot does not have any problems. looking good on 50, and new york and kenilworth ave. 270 in maryland as well. no problems out of germantown, rockville, and to the capital beltway. singer wisconsin avenue near willard and western, some road work, but no delay. -- if you are using wisconsin avenue. >> new developments in the man
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convicted of murdering intern chandra levy. ingmar guandique is back in court today. brianne carter is live at superior court in northwest d.c. be big decisions >day ingmar guandique is expected to be back in d.c. in a matter in aurs to appear for a hearing scheduled call for later this afternoon. understand the hearing is about new developments in this case. as you may recall, in 2001, levy vanished from circle apartment. a year later her remains were area ofin a secluded park.reek a year later, ingmar guandique was convicted. witness may no longer be considered credible. being released for what the judge calls safety reasons. find out whether the public will be allowed into the hearing.
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the judge is expected to rule who will be allowed inside prior to the, just hearing scheduled for this afternoon. news.e carter, abc 7 >> there are doubts about the evidence in a high-profile case york city police officer with ties to our area. roberto valle is accused of plotting to kill, eat many women. he graduated from the university in 2006. >> a 39-year-old man from peru was hit and killed by a car just before 1:00 a.m. along route 301 drive.ointer ridge victim was walking northbound lanes when he was struck. are talking to the driver .f the car now
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>> on the hill this morning, we should see a lot of back and confirmation hearing begins for president pick to head the cia. >> is facing opposition. we are discussing john brenan. let's check in with john gonzalez on capitol hill to look of this for us. >> the big issue on capitol hill today will be u.s. drones that killed thousands of terrorism but have also taken of more than 300 civilians. k will be obama's picl on the hot seat. republicans and democrats will about theand answers drones.nmanned >> i suggest to you that these against alrikes are ethical and just. >> administration''s the "killigns off on list. gone 700% drones has
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under the obama administration. has a secret base in saudi arabia. >> if threshold guess too low, will forget how much scar have built up in this country. the white house defends the drones but has agreed to turn thatclassified documents lay out the way the program responds. one document comes directly from justice department that withoutlly says even evidence, american-born .errorists can be killed live on capitol hill, john gonzalez. >> a senate panel has postponed on chuck hagel's to become defense secretary. republicans said they were dissatisfied with information he lastded the panel during week's confirmation hearing. they want more details about his as hiseeches as well business dealings. the former nebraska senator faced opposition for his his statements as well as israel, iran, and
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nuclear weapons. , thesigned president obama lady, and vice-president will attend a national prayer breakfast. thousands of people from 140 expected at the nonpartisan gathering at the washington hilton. afternoon the president leesburg toto the house democratic virginia.ference in >> it's 31 degrees outside. still ahead, the virginia lieutenant governor bill bolling has stepped out of the gop race but does he have has stepped out of the gop race but does he have
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>> good morning, washington. to get up and going. it's thursday, 5:10. degrees at reagan national. be a pretty decent day, tracking a coastal cloudsthat is bringing already.area meteorologist adam caskey is in rockville, maryland. >> clouds moving in. i cannot see in many stars .verhead because of that clouds outsidein right now. we are in downtown rockville courthouse in the historic district. let's look at the temperature at chaser 7.
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one thing you'll notice is it is a little colder than yesterday time.s looking at the display, there's nice.d, which is not been chill factor to speak of. degrees. you can feel the chill in the is a typical morning. 25 degrees in gaithersburg, 23 frederick, 24 in martinsburg. cumberland, low 20s at this time. right at the freezing mark at reagan national. clouds today. more clouds and son. becoming mostly cloudy with high temperatures of around 40 degrees. chance of some rain tomorrow and brief wintry mix in the morning in some spots. it is something to keep an eye on. the most part, the coastal will have the biggest impact on new england in the boston area. talk about that later. jamee. >> traffic is quiet. problems in virginia,
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district.or the 66 is fine. an easy pace in arlington, virginia. the beltway is running great in maryland and virginia. no problems to report. 270 southbound out of frederick , no problems. boulevard, hurley germantown and rockville, trouble lanes are open. at willardvenue avenue, they have cleared up the construction. all lanes are open. back to you. >> thank you. 5;12, 31 degrees on this 5:12.ay morning-- virginia lieutenant governor bill bolling has dropped out of gop race for governor. does he have something else in the works >> and how netflix could benefit lateste
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>> welcome back. 5:15. is waking up very happy. .> very rich let's check in with jummy olabanji to find out what's happening. me.t's i wish. just kidding. $217ody in virginia won
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night in the jackpot. here are the powerball numbers on your screen. sold in ticket virginia. officialsia lottery minutes agoed a few was bought in the .ichmond metro area it will announce where it was thought later on today. other tickets sold thess the country that got numbers but missed the powerball number. will receive $1 million. the closest state was new york had two people matched the five numbers. $217 person waking richer. there's a court case right now you are entitled to or some overtime if
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you wake up to a phone call from your boss early in the morning of that nature. on thathave details potential court case, later. back to you. >> thank you. now. the republican speaker of the house has ruled against the gop in redistricting .lan they would redraw states and its clients. republicans rushed to the a veteranrough while wask democratic leader obama'sg president inauguration. that will set off a firestorm democrats.e they threatened to block of votes on key initiatives. bill bolling says that he's big announcement next month. virginia lieutenant governor should markople for march 14.s last fall to abandon his quest nomination in the governor's race. he left open the possibility of an independent run for governor republican attorney .eneral ken cuccinelli
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>> strong aftershocks are being felt in the solomon islands as a to reachstruggle villages babbage by a powerful earthquake and tsunami. at least nine people died when a magnitude 8.0 quake set off a tsunami in the eastern of the south pacific island chain. several people are still missing. homes were either . >> ed or destroyed 5:18 rainout. to check in with jacqui. strong system moving up to the north. yes, that's right. snow lovers might be taking a in the boston area or new england. be an historic storm , we will get a lot of rain. a wintry mix at the onset tonight. get out the door this morning. 32 degrees. dress with some gloves and a
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jacket and maybe a scarf this morning. there's calm wind, so we're not with much of a wind chill factor. that's the good news. it is cold and frederick at 23 degrees. 23 in frederick and hagerstown. 25 in manassas. 27 in lexington park. 30 degrees in annapolis at this hour. yesterday we made it to 49. beautiful afternoon. i hope you enjoyed it. the average high is 45 degrees. be decided saturday. are moving in. that will inhibit heat. skies are clear for the most part overnight. that's why we got as cold as we did. that's why it's colder this compared with yesterday morning cloud. in from our south and west. will filtere through this morning. gets thickerll throughout the day. pressure along .he gulf coast
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the cold front across the great lakes. together to bring our big storm. let's put this into motion for you. , already cloudy. things will begin to saturate tonight. overnight after midnight beis hole will with a wintry mix. we could have a rain tomorrow. this will move out by friday stuckg and we will be with blustery conditions. sunshine back by saturday. 44.tly cloudy today, 38 to wintry mix late tonight. snow and sleet possible, 32 to 36. keep that in mind for the commute tomorrow morning. after the rain on friday, breezy. sunshine on the weekends. temperatures in the '50s next week. be ugly in some spots. off to a quiet start around
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the region on the road. and on the rail system. marc trains, virginia railway anyess not reporting troubles. time and onning on schedule. maryland and virginia, woodrow wilson bridge is wide open. out of oxon hill. 95 leaving laurel down to the beltway, normal. same story on 295. b-w parkway looking good. virginia in each direction sburg and therick capital beltway looking good. back to you. >> thank you. netflix could benefit from the >> and music lover in germany ' success.from itunes and other itunes milestone. the digital storm hit $25 week.n this is getting an
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card equal to about songs. our real estate web site is home remodeling. zilloe tells you how much it might cost you to do the same work. >> they evaluate all sorts of things like the labor involved materials and the type appliance that was used, marble counter tops, for example,. they also incorporates a regional adjustment for the area in. you live >> it is free but only available for the ipads. to cut saturday mail forvery could be good netflix. once your delivery date means mailing costs, making the company slightly more profitable. i am diana perez. i got it when we could downloadd an hd movie inike two minutes.
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with a 2-year agreement. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. plgeus, get $250 back for customers with disabilities and the perfect life turnsn out to be not t so perfect. so you start fresh. new city. new job. new bank. there's a lot to figure out. so, i switched to suntrust. they moved everything for me. direct deposit, even my online bill pay... and suddenly, everything else just fell into place. switchining to suntrust has nevr been easier. now, our dedicated team will do all the work for you. suntrust. how can we help you shine today? coax a man is undergoing a evaluation after he broke into an anne arundel county high
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school. >> a custodian found justin inside the high school on and include burning. he talked about being bullied attended the school. officers then searched his home of weapons bunch including an ak-47, and oozie, and three handguns. he legally owned the guns. charged with trespassing. a ground-breaking ceremony will for the new ballou high school in southeast d.c. costroject is expected to be0 million and it should years.ed in two >> the new school has rainwater harvesting and solar panels. the football field also moving south end of the campus north. it will be spectacular. 5:26, 31 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> more lawmakers coming forward curb guns to try to violence.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. straight ahead, new developments in the huge case in the district. we will explain why the man of murdering intern chandra levy is in court this afternoon. good morning, washington. it's thursday, february 7. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. ready for some rain. areas on the east coast or maybeo lucky -- lucky, depending on how you look .t >> we will get some snow and sleet mixed in especially early tomorrow morning.
5:31 am
overall this will be rain maker maker.n a wind clouds filtering in already. most of the clouds are high, clouds. have a littlely sunshine. temperatures cooled into the 20s in many areas. 23 in hagerstown, 25 in frederick, 25 in gaithersburg, d.c. 26 at bwi at this hour. 36 degrees by 9:00, mostly cloudy. cloudy at noon, 39. 41 degrees at 5:00. more details on the timing of ,he system and what to expect up.'s coming and this could be historic for boston. time for traffic and weather jamee. >> good morning. berdi mill in the nation's capital. in virginia on 66, the greenway, told road, braddock road, georgetown pike, off to a
5:32 am
good start. north out of stafford,burg and to fill in with volume. no incidents. crossing the 14th street bridge the nation's capital, looks good. pennsylvania avenue, looks good. maryland, delays moving south iran and towards hyattstown. back to you. >> thank you. moving south towards hyattstown. ingmar guandique will be back in court today. has what toer expect. >> good morning. expect ingmar guandique will here in the d.c. this afternoon newa hearing to discuss developments in the case. in 2001, chandra levy disappeared from her apartment. found a yearere in rock creek park. a year after that, ingmar
5:33 am
guandique was convicted. a witness for the prosecution longer be considered credible. details are being released by the judge because of called a safety reasons. wednesday, attorneys argued whether the public should be allowed into today's hearing to learn more about the developments in the case and captured national attention. so many people talking about it happens. the judge is expected to rule hearingore the later thisor about whether or not the media will be allowed inside. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 the spur. >> the debate over guns in america will grow today as house democrats unveiled a plan to violence after the connecticut school massacre. the plan resembles a plan put by president obama. it includes bans on gun assault weapons, ammunitionity magazines and requires for all gunhecks
5:34 am
sales. likely to go anywhere in the republican-controlled house. be a back and forth today on capitol hill controversial discussions egarding president obama's cia, johnhead the brenan. facing a lot of republican opposition. more. >> lez has it could be needed on capitol hill today. brenan will face tough questions today here on capitol only from republicans usually during these hearings you are enrolled on just about everything. it appears the focus today will of these use controversial unmanned u.s. attack enemy is overseas. so far, thousands of terrorists with morekilled along civilians. now we know that there's a secret american base in saudi arabia. the question today will be is program epochal and just.
5:35 am
the question will be aimed at the moment security adviser the architect of this program. obama took office, the about 700%.grown by live on capitol hill, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. we should learn new details deadly attack on u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. it will be the focus of a senate armed services committee hearing. defense secretary leon panetta expected to testify this morning along with the chairman the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey. lawmakers will hear about the the defense department's internal review of the attack. four americans were killed ambassador christopher stevens. 5:35 and 32 degrees on this thursday morning. >> still ahead, is the redskins' racist? that's the topic of discussion in d.c. today.
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coming up
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>> i'm nancy. i'm sareta. >> good morning, washington. >> hi, ladies. we're giving everyone a chance give a good morning greeting. sent a short video or a link
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clip.outube sure you ended by saying washington."g >> we want to check in with jacqui jeras. the weather forecast is not necessarily going to brighten our day. just think about hours, the top spectacular. clouds are filling in the head movingthat's in. ugly friday.n for more details, adam caskey. >> not a bad start to the day. temperatures are where they for early february, in the 20s to about 30 degrees. here is rockville outside the square building, in district of rockville. 31 degrees at this time at the storm chaser. high, thin clouds building in
5:40 am
already, because i cannot see any starlights. cloudy today. let's look at the temperatures. keep in mind that the clouds inhibit the sun from warming us up much. now in the district and 25 at dulles,l, hagerstown and cumberland. 25 in gaithersburg. let's look at the forecast. i temperatures around 40 degrees. the upper 30's and outlying areas. possible downtown and mostly cloudy. the coastal storm will mostly affect new england going into tomorrow and saturday. it should brush us enough to give us a little precipitation mixpossibly a late wintry late tonight and early tomorrow morning. part, just light rain. at muchot looking moisture in general. so i don't have much concern for this storm my. excitement factor is 0.5 at best. let's go to jamee for the .ommute
5:41 am
>> thank you so much. getting going on this thursday morning. happy that the pavement is dry. no problems in virginia. so let's see if there are delays on 395 off the beltway pass landmark to and across the 14th moving atdge, still posted speeds. 95 out of stanford and approved a the beltway, travel lanes are open. volume in urbana hyattstown, like every morning. seeing a much better pace in germantown down through to the capital beltway. 95, b-w parkway, moving normally. back to you. >> thank you. it's 32 degrees outside. >> can after admitting that he used performance enhancing not expectwould armstrong to stop any sporting lists. learn how
5:42 am
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people are smoking it and more states are legalizing it. how safe is pot compared with cigarettes? what are the health for peoples in the legalization marijuana. tough questions and interesting .nswers, tonight at 5:00 >> another interesting story. when you take phone calls and e- after you have already gotten home for the day, should get paid for them? >> i don't know, but i could be rich. with.check in reporters spend a lot of time checking e-mails and on our phones. lawsuit in a federal the court system in chicago right now. police officers bringing a lawsuit. they say when their bosses e- mail them after work and they to the e-mails, constitute work and
5:46 am
they should be compensated. city of chicago is saying that if the police officers want overtime, they need to ask for other time,like any it their lawyers believe just automatically be overtime. thehat it's going through federal court system right now. yesterday that he that paid document may constitutes if it does pass in favor of the more and we may see more lawsuits like this around country and maybe even in our area. have to wait and precedents will set for everyone else. back to you. >> thank you. >> we will be watching that closely. >> and overlapping run. >> the u.s. and honduras in the the world cup 2014.ying for dempsey but the u.s. on top with fantastic volley. upstaged by four
5:47 am
minutes later. tandoors added another goal. 2-1..s. goes down games,region's other jamaica tide mexico and costa andd mexico defeated >> here is sports. the capitals need to win badly. everybody knows that. the capitals have only won twice the first 10 games. they are headed in the right laroche., says adam this is a lot of guys who have won the southeast division title. hockey with a lack of confidence. alex ovechkin as two goals. it's not good. the wizards hosting the knicks last night. the wizards and the next,
5:48 am
defense setting up the offense. wall takes it coast-to- coast. the early lead. , 106-96.n wins in college basketball, george washington won. the colonials are now 11 and 10. >> the redskins' name will be a hot topic of discussion during at thet today smithsonian's national museum of american indian. scholars, native americans, and thers will gather at authwest d.c. museum for oflong discussion on the use american mascots and nicknames in sports. mavs called for the team to adopt a new name. the son of retiring baltimore lewis isnebacker ray following in his father's footsteps. the two time super bowl champion was with his son ray lewis iii and when did under lewis signed intent to play for miamiiversity of hurricanes, just like his father disappeared. retired washe
5:49 am
to spend more time with his son. disgrace cyclist lance armstrong thestopped a new list of most disliked athletes in america. survey comes weeks usingarmstrong admitted drugsmance enhancing during a cycling career. second, noting te'o,ll star manti by golfer tiger woods. stars makes him the list include kobe bryant and metta as well as michael romo.nd tony >> coming up 6:00, your first iran says is from spy drones it.s. 2011.ed in >> smaller portions seem to be a smaller portion for the bottom restaurants >> . almost time for oscar to shine.d bed.ut of is road trips swings into the nation's capital.
5:50 am
can live out your oscar dreams for a night. it is straight ahead at 6:00. that guy is lazy. >> it's 5:49. a michigan man with a lengthy criminal rap she decided to do a rappin duringg his arraignment. judge had a good attitude to this unique performance. [indiscernible] ♪ >> not bad, sir. very impressive. >> the judge gave him a pretty good review. while the judge was impressed wrapping, he was not impressed with the latest charges. of trying toused girlfriend of and faces jail and a $100,000 fine. >> did he say they tried to pin on me like mike tyson? i would have to listen more
5:51 am
closely. let's check in with jacqui jeras. a winter storm headed towards new england. people are stocking up on food and supplies over there. there's a blizzard want posted of massachusetts and rhode island as well as a flood watch. stores are having a tough time demand.up with all the >> extremely busy today. busier. we have been on the floor all day. nervous if we don't electricity for few days. arkstorm is expected to hit just after the 35th anniversary of 1978.izzard many new england residents are to see a repeat of that devastating storm. maybe we include all have a light coating. >> that would be lovely. that's a terrible idea. >> we could handle 6 inches.
5:52 am
unfortunately, those folks could get one or two feet. it's expected to be an , a historictorm storm. you cannot stop staring. but we need to focus on what's happening for us. we will see an impact from this storm, but it will not be great be as no event for us. 32 degrees right now, that's our temperature. wind. of twenties across the region. if 25 in frederick and gaithersburg and dulles and 25 in manassas. 49 degrees was the high temperature yesterday. was a beautiful day. i hope you enjoyed it. are advertised 45 with an average low of 30. clouds moving in already. is a head of the coastal which is still in the developing stages. most of these clouds are high in, so it will filter
5:53 am
some sunshine. we have a cold front. two systems will focus altogether and developed into a monster storm. mixill likely have a wintry especially north and west of d.c. late tonight. it will all be very light. by 8:00 tomorrow morning if should be all rainfall especially in the metro. this will move up the coast and intensify and bombs out. it will be a blizzard in new england. , then comedy conditions by sunday. high between 38 and 44 today. a wintry mix tonight especially north and west. temperature between 32 and 36. rain on friday. bush and 50 on sunday. chance of rain on monday and
5:54 am
wednesday of next week. not a major storms for us. the roads could be a little tricky in spots to the west tomorrow. >> right now we are quiet for start with the good news for the virginia railway express. no trouble to report. marc trains on schedule as is metro rail. ,he beltway in maryland accidents in the silver spring area. around.ving the cameras is the beltway at road, outer loop westbound, from college park to 270, the accident is before you get to georgia avenue and lanes.g back to you. >> thank you. some good news for working women area. d.c. >> this would excites a lot of people. could apple's next-generation iphone could be powered by the ?un linda bell joins us on bloomberg york toters in new explain. good to see you again.
5:55 am
good to see you. a lot of people talking about this. has filed a patent for touchscreen solar panel that could be used to charge apple devices. it would include the ipad or the iphone. this is according to a technology web site. just because apple did file for the patent, it does not mean make a go of the technology. we do have sky news in the skies. airways and us u.s. american airlines are trying to terms of a merger deal by terrorists 15 if. however they are trying to how theut details on ownership would be split between american's creditors and u.s. airways investors. a deal would create the world's airline, if they pull it off. the ladies, it seems washington is the place to be poor working women. be for ace to been foworking
5:56 am
working women. median income of of,000, triple the salary paid cities for women. d.c. does attract highly workted professionals who in high-paying fields such as law.ics and linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:56 now, 32 degrees. if you attended or watched wednesday night's blizzards -- game, and spotted the magic johnson in the crowd. (vo) they were married for... 53 years. she was his everything. he can't live alone anymore. but we don't have the room. so, we talked to suntrust... looked at our options... remodeled... for family, you make it work. he taught me that.
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(anncr) join the thousands of people switching to suntrust's award-winning service. how can we help you shine today?
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basketball legend magic speak at howard university today. discuss basketball business and will talk about of being hiv-positive him and others him.d was diagnosed in 1991. since then, he has been an advocate for hiv aids prevention eliminating the stigma associated with the disease. there will be free hiv testing today. the mobile unit will be at this location --

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